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In order to get those creative juices flowing, our 'theme of the month' competition gives artists a title with which to base their art on. At the end of the month, our website owners select their best entry, and a small competition prize is awarded. The artist's profile is then given a special 'artist of the month' title which allows all of our users to recognise their achievements and congratulate them.

Our Artistic Directors

Couple 1

Inspired (if that's the right word!) by celebrity culture, Amelie provides satiric representations of famous people, based on photographs she has found. Sometimes looking quite disturbing, Amelie's portraits provide an insight into how she perceives certain celebrities.

Couple 2

Shane is a highly-talented artist who enjoys working with the science fiction theme. Inspired by novels such 'Brave New World' and 'A Clockwork Orange,' Shane enjoys reflecting deep, political issues, in his stunning visual art.


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