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Artist Profiles


We are proud to introduce our artists whose innovative artistic ideas make up the cornerstone of Elder Street Art:




Shane is a highly-talented artist who enjoys working with the science fiction theme. Inspired by novels such ‘Brave New World’ and ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ Shane enjoys reflecting deep, political issues, in his stunning visual art: “With everything that’s happening in the world around me, I felt troubled and needed an outlet for my feelings. In art at school I was described as a pro, so I did what came naturally to me and started drawing how I see the world at times. Like it or hate it, I don’t really care! What I will say though, is that my stuff is constructed from something deep within me – it is totally genuine.”




Inspired by beauty and fashion, former nail technician Amelie provides satiric representations of people based on her favourite clients. Her portraits provide an insight into how she perceives people she has known for minutes: “I sometimes feel a tad nervous about releasing my portraits, as they could be taken really quite personally. However, my pictures sum up my feelings much better than any words can. I can understand why some people might feel offended by them, but I would like them to be viewed with a certain sense of humour.”




Jane is an experienced impressionist artist, whose paintings portray a certain perception of the scene she is painting. Jane is an expert at capturing the moment and merging this with her attitude at any one time. Her personality shines through on her paintings. “I have always been good at painting what I see. What I see doesn’t necessarily mean what I look at of course. What one feels does not necessarily allow them to appreciate the world around them. My paintings merge the boundary between visual appearance and internal feelings, and I am often delighted by the outcome.”




A history graduate, Alex is a realist artist, drawing key historical events based on images or historical facts. Alex’s collection tells a story of what he believes to be the important events of the past.

“My art possesses a collection of historical events that have changed the world. If they hadn’t happened, we would be living in a completely different era. I love ‘wowing’ people with my drawings and I often get asked if they are copied from other artists. But they’re not, they’re originals both in concept and in design.”




Travis is currently our only sculptor on Elder Street Art. It is easy to see from his collection how art has inspired him, and which genre of music he likes. Travis’ stunning clay sculptures raised him an impressive income at our last auction, although I’m sure he is too modest to tell you this himself. “Haha well thank you for the nice intro! I love creating the faces of my favourite musicians with clay, it feels like I’m bringing them to life! I often get asked to re-create the faces of specific celebrities and musicians but I’m physically incapable of constructing them if I don’t like them. It’s a weird one, it just doesn’t happen.”


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In order to get those creative juices flowing, our 'theme of the month' competition gives artists a title with which to base their art on. At the end of the month, our website owners select their best entry, and a small competition prize is awarded. The artist's profile is then given a special 'artist of the month' title which allows all of our users to recognise their achievements and congratulate them.

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Inspired (if that's the right word!) by celebrity culture, Amelie provides satiric representations of famous people, based on photographs she has found. Sometimes looking quite disturbing, Amelie's portraits provide an insight into how she perceives certain celebrities.

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Shane is a highly-talented artist who enjoys working with the science fiction theme. Inspired by novels such 'Brave New World' and 'A Clockwork Orange,' Shane enjoys reflecting deep, political issues, in his stunning visual art.


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