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Who are we?


We are a group of artists with a passion to sharing our work with a big audience. After becoming frustrated with the expense of marketing our art commercially, we established Elder Street Art in 2006 to be a platform for early career artists to promote their work.

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What is our vision?


Our aim is simply to share our work and talent with as many people as possible. We hope to attract new artists onto our website, each setting themselves up with individual profiles and to allow them to upload digital creations based on their work. We would love to recruit as many artists as possible and hold regular exhibitions to show the general public what we can do. Our website will always be free of charge to members.


What do we currently do?


In addition to our website, we also hold an annual exhibition which is free of charge to the public. Naturally, our artists still require money for the essentials of life, so there is a selection of art on sale during these exhibitions. We also have an auction, whereby visitors bid for some of the different works of art. This allows artists to gain an understanding of how much their talents are worth, and enables them to receive a fair price for their efforts. In addition to showcasing and selling our art, the annual exhibitions are also a fantastic opportunity for us to meet like-minded people and discuss improvements for Elder Street art.

Theme of the month


In order to get those creative juices flowing, our ‘theme of the month’ competition gives artists a title with which to base their art on. At the end of the month, our website owners select their best entry, and a small competition prize is awarded. The artist’s profile is then given a special ‘artist of the month’ title, which allows all of our users to recognise their achievements.


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